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Augsburg Fortress Newsletter - The Shores of Wilderness


Live Boldly
Our lines of membership become less important when we understand the ways in which Our Lord seeks to draw us and all creation to himself.   That good work brings us into a circle with one another.  Lines arc, sometimes with sparks.  In Christian witness, we agree that our beckoning Lord is the active center.

Issues around immigration and citizenship and difference and political persuasion properly lose their hold when we see and hear one another simply as brothers and sisters.  We at Christ Lutheran understand ourselves as members in this particular Body of Christ called a congregation.  In the Among Ourselves section of the month's  newsletter, we recall many in our circle of life who await healing.  The names of  "official members" of Christ Lutheran appear in the bold print of the monthly newsletter.  That simply means that at some point they have chosen to specifically align their Christian witness with the Christian witness of the body of believers called Christ Lutheran Church.  

This body of believers called Christ Lutheran seeks to work together toward a clearer future.  Questions of congregational viability keep pestering us; at this writing our Council leaders are seeking clarity about an agreement/a contract for the rental of our north annex for childcare.   Preferred Management LLC is helping Council leaders and our prospective tenant gain clarity.  For that, we are grateful.

Perhaps such a rental agreement will come to be.  If it does, how will this congregation move forward?   If it does not, how will this congregation move forward? How will our bold congregational members be emboldened to participate and make a difference in our congregation's circling work?  Your voice, your presence and your gifts of time, money and talent are all essential.

On  Oct. 12, Council leaders and pastors from our three ELCA congregations in Cheyenne met at Christ Lutheran with Bishop James Gonia.   After his leadership, Pastor Alison George, St. Paul's Lutheran, led the conversation about our ELCA witness in Cheyenne.  Please continue to pray for this collaboration.  Pray for and with all of us as we worship and live and wonder about the ways God continues to receive and move us into God's future.

In Christ,
Pastor Rebecca


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