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As a church in renewal, we are always happy to receive new members.  From time to time throughout the year we hold new member classes.  In these classes we talk about what Lutherans believe.  We also assign a sponsor to each new member who is there to invite you to enter into the life of the congregation, and to serve as a special contact should you have any questions or concerns.  We hold a new member dinner for those who will be joining and their sponsors.  We spend some time playing simple games to get to know one another and we also talk about ways that new members can become involved in the work and play of the church.

You are always welcome here whether you decide to become a member or not.  We are here to share the story of God and his incredible gift of love and forgiveness when Jesus died on the cross.  We all need to hear that in our lives.  And we need to be a part of a community who tries to enflesh that.  We hold no prejudices against people because of race, skin color, nationality, sexual preference, social status, age, disability, or anything else that would exclude a person from being in this church community.

However, if you do choose to become a member there are several things that we do expect of you.  We expect that you attend worship regularly, work towards giving a tithe (1/10th of your income as an expression of your love for God and all he has given you), to become involved in a small group of some sort, and to participate in learning opportunities to increase your spirituality and deepen your relationship with Christ.  What's the sense of belonging to a church if it has no meaning and doesn't seek to help people in need in the community! We all have a deep desire to make a difference.  You will have that opportunity here.

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