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Upcoming Events

Plan to participate in God’s Work. Our Hands. On Sunday, Sept. 9. The day will include these opportunities:

10 a.m. worship outdoors at Christ Lutheran
11:15 a.m. potluck meal at Christ Lutheran
12:15 a.m. Kickin’ Cancer event, led by a Gold’s Gym trainer
12:45 p.m. Service work at Needs Inc. and at Christ Lutheran

Three Advanced Steps


1. Register
Talk with your congregation council president or pastor to be included in your congregation's team of attendees. Register at least five days in advance for the summit you plan to attend. Each attendee should register with his/her own email so that we can send advance reminders.
Register Here

2. Complete in Advance
Prior to your conference summit, you are asked to complete your own "Money Autobiography" and then to meet with those attending from your congregation. These materials include an introductory letter from Bishop Gonia, and the other advance materials.
Downlaod and Complete Advanced Materials

3. Submit Questions About Money
Prior to your conference summit, you are asked to meet with your congregation attendees and record questions about money and the church that arise in your conversation. Submit those questions here.
Submit Questions About Money

Annual Events

Christ Lutheran sponsors a number of special events each year. There is a Pot Luck lunch following worship on the first Sunday of each month.

Neighborhood Night Out is a community-wide event in July sponsored by the Cheyenne Police Department to promote positive relationships between the public and police officers via neighborhood gatherings. Christ Lutheran is host to one of these events. Our members prepare a meal, provide games and other activities for all ages of our neighbors in our garden area. Police or Fire Department staff come and visit with those present and have even provided a first hand look inside a fire engine.

Mardi Gras is celebrated with a carnival which is child friendly and open to all members of the community.
A free dinner and games and prizes for the children, along with beads and a parade are part of the fun.

Easter Egg Brunch and Hunt is held every Easter. The children love to bring their baskets and hunt for the toy and candy filled eggs that are hidden all over the outdoor property to the west of the church. We also have a very special brunch filled with wonderful foods.

Christ Lutheran sponsors special events each year.
All are free of charge and open to the public.
It is our way of giving to our community.

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