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Education Program

At Christ Lutheran Church we believe that education in our faith is essential to live out our lives as followers of Jesus. We hope to provide opportunities not only to study scripture but also to grow in spiritual disciplines and the understanding of our faith beliefs.

"Intergenerational" is our educational model each Sunday as Pastor Rebecca, with the help of others, leads all ages in faith formation. Come and join this "One- Room Schoolhouse of Faith". The group meet from 9 to 9:45 a.m. each Sunday. All ages are invited to come, learn and teach together.

Please read and study this draft of a social statement on women and justice. Please contact Pastor Rebecca or anyone at Christ Lutheran, or contact the ELCA directly, with your feedback about this draft. Feedback is invited, as this draft comes closer to completion and presentation to the Churchwide Assembly of the ELCA. Your feedback is requested by Sept. 30, 2018.

Cheyenne Life Together at 2018 Youth Gathering

The 2018 Youth Gathering of the ELCA in Houston was a fantastic experience for the 31,000-plus senior high youth and leaders from across the country.

Ephesians 2:8 was the theme verse, with “This Changes Everything” as the theme. “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not your own doing ; it is the gift of God.”

Nine youth and two adult leaders from the three ELCA congregations in Cheyenne, WY were among the thousands of participants. This photo journal shows some of their story.

To watch the videos of the mass gathering sessions, go to

The closing worship service on July 1 included the release of beach balls dated with the next Youth Gathering location. Erica and Ryan appear happy with their catch.

Bishop James Gonia, Rocky Mountain Synod, joins our Cheyenne group as we prepare to board our bus back to the hotel after the closing worship service.

(Notes from Pastor Rebecca Aardahl, Christ Lutheran, Cheyenne)
Starting at the end: the girls and I spent most of the day on Monday, July 2 at the Houston Space Center, then the Olive Garden for supper, before free time at the hotel pool. Today, July 3, we have checked out of our hotel. I write this from the hotel lobby while the girls are at Galleria shops four blocks from the hotel. We will meet here at 2 pm to begin our trek via uber to the airport.

The group photo is from today's (July 3) hotel time:

Each morning our small group of four girls and I began with a brief devotion titled First 15 and concluded each day with a devotion titled Final 15. Themes each day:
Wednesday: Exodus 3:1-12 Moses and the burning bush
Thursday: John 4:4-20 Jesus and the woman from Samaria
Friday: Acts 8:26-39 Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch
Saturday: Luke 24:13-35 Jesus and companions on the road to Emmaus
Sunday: Matthew 9:18-26 Jesus heals a woman who has a hemorrhage and raises a little girl from the dead

Sunday, July 1
I am sitting in the lobby of the Doubletree Galleria hotel after the bus delivered our group of 9 youth and two leaders from Houston's NRG Stadium and the closing worship service of the 2018 Youth Gathering. In our group from Ascension, Cheyenne: Seneva, Anessa and Morgan and from Christ Lutheran, Cheyenne, Erica. The leader from St. Paul's Lutheran in Cheyenne: Dawn Williams. Her group: Erik, Grant, Alexander and Daniel.
At today's closing:
Matthew 9:18-26
Liturgical dance
Bishop Eaton preached on Mark passage of death of 12-year-old girl and 12-year-old hemorrhage of woman

While our bus driver, Sharon, drove, she announced on the microphone how grateful she is for all the good work that our youth have done for her home city.  She said she felt tears coming, so she had to stop talking. (Blurry photo is Driver Sharon in the bus rear-view mirror.)

Saturday night worship:
Poet Deborah DEEP Mouton
The Rev Dr. Stephen Bouman talked about his refusal to accept school shootings as a reality, that is, as a foregone conclusion.  Spoke of his nearness to the 9/11 violence as bishop in NYC at the time.
Carson McCullar, 18-year-old talking about his recovery and constant fight with drug addiction.  Did deal drugs.  Now deals grace.
Video of poet Joe Davis-- skin condition, born weighing only 3 pounds.  
Rebekah Bruesehoff and her mother, Jamie.  Both  talked about gender identity and Rebekah's advocacy for transgender youth.
Maria Rose Belding, Redeems food that would otherwise be trashed from restaurants.  Business is  She is queer.  Was raped.  Redeemed.
Fantastic band:  Tenth North Avenue

During the day on Saturday, June 30:
With 600-plus from our Rocky Mountain Synod  
Began with synod brunch on floor 2 of our hotel.
Walked to Marriott, where we spent 11-2:30 in Synod Day, presided by Bishop Jim Gonia, music and activities led by Sky Ranch, Rainbow Trails staff and designated youth leaders from our synod.
Baptismal theme.
Exchanged Jesus stones, so as to help us remember to pray for and with one another.
Had communion together.
Here (Below) are the youth and leaders who attended the Gathering from Wyoming:  Cheyenne and Gillette congregations.  (Pastor Deb Cote from Prince of Peace in Gillette)

Went to the NRG via our bus. Grant and I walked to the waiting line while others in our group went to buy food for themselves and us. Played Uno on the grass with a group from Pennsylvania while we waited for NRG to open.

Got to the floor of the stadium for event. Fun! (Below: Mosh Pit Mama)

Friday, June 29
Interactive Learning Day
Began by arriving at NRG Center and separating into groups.  Dawn and I went through Global Farm Challenge relay of learning the challenges of growing a crop--had buckets of soil with rock, fake sprouts, hose to provide imaginary water, bicycle for some of the farmers, etc, to consider the various advantages and challenges.  My attempt at fruit tree growth was a failure.  Dawn and our new friend, Tyler, did better with their crops.  Got tickets for the girls to meet me at the Virtual Reality Theatre, where we learned about farming in Malawi.  So realistic and wonderful.  Only 10 minutes, but I feel like I was in the Malawi hut, school, field.

Girls went together to explore the Interactive Learning opportunities.  I spent quiet time taking a Spirituality Assessment and touring many exceptional learning centers.  I spent time listening to music at the open microphone. Visited with Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber at the mirror in the restroom.
Morgan and I attended an Adult Leader training session led by Todd Buegler and Terri Martinson on ways to continue energy from Youth Gathering.
Dawn, Seneva, Erica, Ryan and Morgan went to the NRG Stadium line early so that they could get seated on the floor level.

Met Anessa, Daniel, Alexander, Grant and Erik at 5:50 and walked to the NRG Stadium for the evening session.
Speakers included Elizabeth Peter who re-told the Bible passage from Acts 8: 26-39 about Philip's conversation with the Ethiopian eunuch.  Rev. Will Starkweather talked about his addiction to self-harm (cutting) and his years of recovery.  Michaela Shelley talked about her chronic and terminal illness and the ways she has gathered an online support group of 500 others with similar life-threatening illnesses.  Jasmine Seguarra talked about her strong mother and the way their family was held together by her. The Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber preached the best sermon I have ever heard on grace and the role of the accuser in our own heads.
Music was by Tauren  Wells.  It was way too loud and distorted.  Anessa and Daniel and Alexander went outside the main seating area, mostly because it was too loud.  I used ear plugs.

Thursday, June 28
Service Learning Day began early.  We walked to the nearby Mariott Hotel, where, at 7:15 am we met Daniel, our Servant Day Leader.  
Hot and humid.  Spent 2-3 hours together doing yard work for Ms M, an 88-year-old survivor of Hurricane Harvey who stayed in her home during Harvey.  She stood, resting on her cane in the shade during the whole work event, encouraging and conversing with all who talked with her.  She was interacting with youth and leaders the whole time because she is a woman of great faith and great interactive abilities with youth!  Servant Leader Daniel took the selfie.

Ate a box lunch in a fellowship area of a neighboring UCC church. Boarded busses for our evening at NRG, where we spent the afternoon in the NRG Arena playing active games, hearing loud music, and watching much busy-ness. The girls found a quiet room near others, where they mostly rested.

At NRG Stadium that night, we heard these presenters:
Caroline Meeker who spoke about her struggle with anorexia beginning as early as at age 9 and has been in recovery for 10 years;
The Rev. Aaron Fuller, military chaplain, wrestling coach and pastor
Deacon Erin Power from our own Rocky Mountain Synod staff, who talked about her experience of receiving welcome into a congregation--when she was a drifting young adult.
Marlon Hall, who introduced his little daughter and told us to never stop hoping.  He is a pastor and founder of "Awakenings Movement" , a non traditional nondenominational church in Houston.  Musicians were Rachel Kurtz and Ryan Brown (solo guitarist/singer from Chicago area).

Wednesday, June 27
The Doubletree Galleria Hilton and Suites housed 1100 from the Gathering; more  than 600 were from the Rocky Mountain Synod.  Volunteer Jamie is pictured leading the leader training session in the hotel on our first morning together.  He and his wife, Laura, are pictured also.

It was hot waiting a long time to get inside the NRG Stadium for the evening mass gathering.  ELCA  Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton offered an introduction and welcome.  Other presenters included Pastor Tuhina Rasche, who spoke of finding Christianity and Lutheranism when a college friend invited her to a Lutheran campus ministry meal.  She was raised Hindu.
Songwriter Ginny Owens spoke of her loss of vision when a surgery during her childhood went horribly bad.  She spoke of the joy she knows in music and life.  Poet Laureate of Houston, Deborah DEEP Mouton offered an incredible poem to set the tone for the city of Houston and faith.  Bryan Stevenson was a powerful speaker.

Tuesday, June 26
Julie Schranck (left) and Beth Rogers were volunteers for our synod who provided transportation from the airport.

We left Cheyenne on Tuesday morning, June 26 and began our drive to DIA only to be interrupted by the rupture of the vehicle's radiator hose. We called uber and, thanks to a Good Samaritan who is now an uber driver, we caught our flight. Three years ago he had to have his foot amputated due to diabetes. Pictured here at DIA:

Moms and daughters (below) say their goodbyes at Ascension Lutheran on Tuesday morning, June 26.


Springtime Joy!

Lambs and calves are being born and are growing! Come and visit our friendly rancher Roberta and midwife Lisa, and learn about welcoming new life. Sunday school children and families are invited to visit the newborns near Burns after school on Tuesday, March 27. Call the church office if you would like to join the group: (307) 632-8429.

Lambs and calves are being born and are growing! Lambs and calves are being born and are growing! Come and visit our friendly rancher Roberta and midwife Lisa, and learn about welcoming new life. Sunday school children and families are invited to visit the newborns near Burns after school on Tuesday, March 27. Call the church office if you would like to join the group: (307) 632-8429.
Lambs and calves are being born and are growing! Come and visit our friendly rancher Roberta and midwife Lisa, and learn about welcoming new life. Sunday school children and families are invited to visit the newborns near Burns after school on Tuesday, March 27. Call the church office if you would like to join the group: (307) 632-8429.
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Confirmation is a two-year program that concentrates on the Bible as well as on our faith beliefs.  There will also be a service component to the program.  It is designed to begin in the “tweens” and is taught by the Pastor.

In a recent conversation among pastors about Confirmation, this comment helped us think about the important role of the congregation in the life of the young person who confirms their faith. I have found it helpful to re-frame confirmation not as "So-and-so is confirming that she is indeed a Christian" but rather "we are confirming the promises that God, your parents, and this congregation made to you at baptism." Catechism is then about the congregation and the parents fulfilling these promises: promises that you are a beloved child of God (even if you have some doubts or Sunday morning hockey!); that your parents have given you a Bible and have brought you to church; that we have taught you the Lord's Prayer, the Creed, and the 10 Commandments, and that you have worshiped with us and we have shared the love of God with you. Basically, it makes confirmation about God's faithfulness and the church's faithfulness to the young person. It's like saying, "At baptism we gave you a gift, and now during catechism we're making sure you know how awesome this gift so you can carry it in your heart as you move to adulthood."


Major Life Events

Many people experience major life events that require attention or celebration.  As a result of recognizing this need, Christ Lutheran will offer an educational component to help people more clearly understand and deal with these events and how to handle them. 

The events that will be phased in and scheduled include:

*Baptism (Parent education)
  This deals with the physical, emotional and faith development of a child
*First Communion (Child and parent education)

This teaches the faith understanding of communion and the elements used in a communion

*Receiving Your First Bible (Child and parent education)

Teaches about the varieties of Bibles that are available and the major theme of the Bible.

Receiving Your Second Bible (Child and parent education)

This provides a more in-depth understanding of the Bible and how it was formed.  Time is also spent on how to get the most out of reading your Bible.

*Confirmation (Child and adult education)

An Introduction to Confirmation Class introduces parents to the confirmation program, what it will cover and the responsibilities it entails. In the actual Confirmation classes, youth will focus on the Bible and on our Faith Beliefs.  There is also a service component.

Sex, Drugs, and Fast Cars (Teens and parents)

Parents and teens meet together in a group to discuss these three issues and how to make  wise decisions about them.

Empty Nesters (Adult education)

What do you do when the children have all gone?  We take a look at the feelings and opportunities this time of life presents.

Marriages and Divorces (Adult education)

This is also a good time to talk about healthy marriages, how to deepen the relationship and how to divorce gracefully.  A major focus in on communications.

Aging Gracefully

An opportunity to look at wills, finances, end of life issues, etc. within the context of our faith and the support of a loving God.

*Indicates a Life Event that is already being presented



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