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Sunday school
for all ages
9 to 9:45 a.m.
Worship 10:00 am
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We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America with sister congregations all over the world.  We support them and walk together in partnership. 

We are a diverse group of people coming from a variety of faith traditions, social status and sexual orientation. We reach out a hand of friendship to all who enter this place.

Committee or Position Members
Altar Guild Stacy Rea
Audit Judy Adams, Peg & Ray Edwards, Lois Prickett, Aina Stoen
Contribution Recorder  
Acting President Lisa Cahoon
Council Secretary Dave Adams
Council Treasurer Bonnie Baumeister
Education & Youth Lisa Cahoon, Erica McColl, Betty White
Evangelism Sandi Arnold, Erica McColl
Fellowship Dave Adams, Carol Olson, Stacy Rea
Financial Secretary Dan Prickett
Mutual Ministry Judy Adams (chair), Ray Edwards, Lyle Keto, Betty White
Nominating Carol Olson (at large)
Property & Grounds Dave Adams, Lyle Keto, Mike Laursen
Stewardship Sandi Arnold
Women’s Group Lisa Cahoon
Worship & Music Judy Adams, Peg Edwards, Lisa Cahoon, Stacy Rea

Church Secretary
Lois Hansen, Thursdays only

We currently have 27 membership households in the congregation and another half dozen regularly
attending families.


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