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Holy Closure Begins

On Sunday, Jan. 27, the congregation of Christ Lutheran, Cheyenne met for its Annual Meeting and decisions about future ministry. After months of conversation and discernment, the congregation came to a decision at this meeting. The vote was 13 to 10 to close the congregation. Assistant to the Bishop Matt Barnhouse preached at the day’s worship and offered guidance during the meeting, which followed worship. He was a steady, calming and wise presence at the meeting on behalf of our Rocky Mountain Synod's Office of the Bishop.

Holy closure will take some months; it is possible that this process could take as long as a year. The congregation will be seeking pulpit supply, beginning in March. Perhaps you are aware that before Christmas, Pastor Rebecca Aardahl submitted her letter of resignation as pastor at Christ Lutheran, effective Feb. 28. We all seek your prayers as this new chapter unfolds.

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Rocky Mountain Synodical Women’s Organization 2018 newsletter

Gather Magazine- July 23, 2018

Reconciling Affirmation Statement
Christ Lutheran Church is a spiritual community
that celebrates the gifts of God that empower us
to engage in the struggles of life,
to care for each other,
and to serve Christ where we work and live.
Christ Lutheran commits to being a
Reconciling In Christ congregation.
We welcome the participation of people
of all ages, ethnic backgrounds,
sexual orientations, gender identities,
educational backgrounds,
and economic conditions — all who want
to join in community to honor God
and be of service to people.
Our unity is in Christ.


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